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Bring Healthy Back
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You'll receive seven mediations that encourage flow, balance, and elevate your 7 chakras and the entire chakra system as a whole!

The seven chakras exist and are present on the human spine…starting from the base of the spine to the crown of the head: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, brow, and crown. Chakras are spinning vortexes of energy that is not seen by the human eye but can be seen, felt, and sensed with intuition. These invisible energies are a life force, which keeps us healthy, vibrant and alive. The health of our chakras affect our entire health be it physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, environmental and/or genetics.

There are 8 MP3 tracks total. Each about 10 minutes in length (except the introduction)

  1. Introduction (on chakras & the meditations)
  2. Root Chakra Meditation
  3. Sacral Chakra Meditation
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation
  5. Heart Chakra Meditation
  6. Throat Chakra Meditation
  7. Brow Chakra Meditation
  8. Crown Chakra Meditation

Each chakra meditation includes:

  • info. & consciousness about the chakra
  • guided breath visualization exercise to open up the chakra
  • guided visualization to help encourage flow within the chakra
  • affirmations to increase the vibration of the chakra
  • additional tools to support and elevate the health of the chakra

As you listen I hope you feel magic, love and peace. I hope you know you deserve this magic. You are worthy to receive this, to receive healing. You are incredible and I am SO STOKED to bring healthy back with you!

Courtney Robertson

website: letsbringhealthyback.com

instagram: @bringhealthyback_

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Magical meditations to invite flow, love, and healing!


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